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House for permanent residence

The choice is yours! 

We will do the rest to make your plan a success:

  1. we will design your idea so that you can see the desired end result from the beginning;
  2. provide construction sketch / project development;
  3. we will do the full construction process with the building materials of your choice;
  4. we will deliver the new house to your property!

What are our modular houses?

MODULE in architecture is defined as an accepted unit of measurement for object proportioning, so we accepted 10 and 20 as our basic "keyword" or "key figure".

Why such figures?

Wooden panel houses and saunas manufactured by SIA WENDI Modular are built in the company's production premises, ensuring maximum development of the building until the process when only the most necessary final work is required at the construction site - installation of foundation blocks, removal of finished modules, placement / connection and communication (electricity, water and sewerage). Therefore, when transferring a building or modules to an object, we want to exclude as much as possible the risks that may arise as a result of transportation, therefore in the process of transferring the building there is no more than 20 m2 module on the vehicle.

At the same time, we draw attention to the fact that the concept houses and saunas developed by WENDI Modular, in accordance with the construction requirements of the Republic of Latvia, can be defined as prefabricated single-storey buildings with a building area of ​​up to 60 m2, which means that this type of building simplified registration. However, if you have a desire to carry out larger-scale construction and work directly with our team, we provide such a service in cooperation with the company SIA "MĀJA TEV".

Description of the standard construction set

Wooden construction of the building - dried timber, calibrated, class C24.

  • Impregnated floor frame construction
    • 150 x 50 mm beams, mounted on foundations ;
    • OSB-3 / "Knauf" Braun GKF;
    • Moisture-resistant veneer ;
    • Diffusion film "Jutadach 115";
    • ISOVER Standart.
  • Insulated wall and ceiling constructions:
    • 100 x 100 mm un 100 x 50 mm beams;
    • OSB-3 12;
    • Diffusion film "Jutadach 115";
    • ISOVER Standart 35;
    • ISOVER Standart 35 ;
    • ISOPLAAT wood fiber wind barrier;
    • Facade wooden board 135 mm x 21 mm, unplaned, pine;
    • Interior wooden board 120 mm x 12 mm, finely planed, pine;
    • Steam insulation.
  • Roof counstruction:
    • Prefabricated roof trusses;
    • "Jutacon" reinforced anti-condensation film;
    • 31/5000Metal trapezoidal roofing T-20.
  • Electrical wiring:
    • cables in corrugations;
    • Sockets, switches;
    • Distribution cabinet, automatic fuses.