WENDI MODULAR day by day

WM diary entry 03.03.2021. OUR NEW BERRY - BERRY BOX!

New project You can buy now! The building plan with dimensions and description of the building can be viewed in the section next to our SAUNA projects! Special price - 9200 EUR (without VAT).

WM diary entry 20.02.2021.  

SAUNA House WMH/S 2-3 completed, lit for the first time and handed over to the new owners! Many thanks ! to our @majatev team - cold weather was not an obstacle to finish this bordo/anthracite miracle !

WM diary entry 10.01.2021.  

Our story continues successfully, so we want to give you a little deeper and more present explanation of our activities. Take a look at the video we created on the link above! 

WM diary entry 05.12.2020.   

SAUNA L box "FLAT" (WMH/S 1-12) - from start to key!

* Timber dried, calibrated - class 24; * Floor / ceiling frame thickness 150 mm; * Facade finish unplaned trolley 135 mm x 22 mm; * WC room - ceramic tiles, pine carriage 85 mm x 22 mm; * Lounge - pine carriage 85 mm x 22 mm (walls / ceiling), 3 - layer parquet (floor); * Windows - black alder, 2-glass showcases; * Sauna room - aspen boards (lava) 28 mm x 90 mm, ceramic tiles (floor), aspen trolley 16 mm x 90 mm (walls / ceiling); * Building insulation - wood fiber boards + 100 mm mineral wool insulation (walls), 150 mm mineral wool insulation (floor / ceiling), sauna room insulation according to ISOVER technology; * Trapezoidal roofing.

Thanks to all partners, especially @majatev!

WM diary entry 04.12.2020.  

Every e-mail, call, even if it is only the initial interest in our products - construction solutions, costs and other nuances, gives a vision for a new project. We are refining an existing project or developing a new one. All our projects are unique, self-planned and designed. We also have our own "sofa experts", to whom we thank a lot for the opinions, assessments and adjustments to be made before the projects go to our homepage.

WM diary entry 02.12.2020. 

The concept of SIA "Wendi Modular" includes houses up to 60 m2, which are counted as industrially manufactured and placed in the object without built foundations. They also have a simpler design and coordination within the competent building board.

We offer 3 types of building placement options: Poles / piles concreted in the ground; Screw piles; Leveled fibo blocks with a solid base (asphalt, pavement, etc.) 

WM diary entry 24.11.2020.

Glaze paints from "Remmers". Black and red - exterior finishing boards, transparent white - interior finishing boards. Glamorous and bold. Very soon we will be able to see how it looks on Sauna house!

WM diary entry 23.11.2020. 

A new project has been completed - EVA'S house. The building is intended for a couple or a young family, which currently does not need a large area, but at the end of the corridor room, a wooden frame is designed so that, if necessary, the building can be extended with additional rooms. This project can be viewed in the section - THREE MODULAR HOUSES.

WM diary entry 20.11.2020.

We share our next project - our next BATH house is in the process. The building area for this house is slightly larger - 33 m2. This is our project, but the client has slightly changed the layout of the house and has chosen to tint the finishing materials in two colors - gray anthracite and burgundy red. We love brave customers because we are open for new ideas and new challenges! We are looking forward to the final result, which, of course, we will show you too! Below you can take a look at the sauna house project!

WM diary entry 18.11.2020.

It all started with an idea, a pencil and paper. Great determination, interest, self-study day and night was like a passion, not noticing how time goes by. We found ourselves after about half a year, concluding that a lot has been gained, done and interest has not disappeared anywhere. It only grows tall. It was a sign to continue. And if you have a strong, professional and experienced team, then the road is safer. All this has been made and is still being made from the heart. With great responsibility. Starting with the search for ideas, new challenges, realization of customer wishes, selection of construction materials and interior items. May the customer be happy when they receive their house. And, you know what's most enjoyable? The most pleasant is the customer's assessment: "We really didn't expect anything so beautiful!" It makes us so happy!

WM diary entry 13.11.2020.

Our sauna house - "BOX L flat" with a building area of ​​23.80 m2, sauna area of ​​3.79 m2, toilet and shower room of 2.11 m2 and recreation room of 12.84 m2, has been built and delivered to its home near Riga. Feelings are pleasant, because in cooperation with the professionals from SIA "Māja Tev", this holiday house has also been turned "from beginning to key" and handed over to the customer ready for use. Our team would like to thank everyone who took part in the creation and supported us at every step!

WM diary entry 11.11.2020.

We like to take care of customers' well-being. As the concept of our small sauna and sauna house is "from beginning to key", sauna accessories are no less important. In cooperation with the company SIA "Sauna katram" and various Latvian home manufacturers, we have chosen truly high-quality and practical sauna accessories, so that the customer can relax on the same day as they receive our sauna house.

WM diary entry 28.07.2020.

Our project - an office building, which was built in the summer, is currently located in Cesis (Latvia) and can be viewed by any client as a DEMO house. Our first building also serves as our own office building, where we meet with clients to discuss and view all the important details of the building - color palettes of finishing materials, interior materials and other essential elements. Although the customer is welcome to see the production process as well.

WM diary entry 11.01.2020. 

HEAVEN BLUE AND GRASS GREENER. Most of us remember childhood just like that - leisurely, simple and carefree. Our new century has brought many more responsibilities and therefore more tense moments. That is why our team, thinking about the direction of development of their activities, wanted to create something that makes them remember a bit about rest, without thinking about big and complicated things for a moment.